After repeating the sentence “our shirt is made of 100% oranges'' we decided that ONE 100 would be a perfect name for our brand. It not only describes the composition of our fabric, but also shows our goal to go for the best results in each step that we take towards a sustainable future. However, each sentence about the garment made of 100% oranges usually provokes a question: “What? How is that even possible?”. We get it, it seems surreal, familiar yet strange at the same time. Just think of how many more crazy ideas are resting in the heads of each of us. Today we are dreaming of tomorrow while wearing oranges. What’s next? Goals and oranges
behind ONE 100
The future is the fruit of our imagination.

Providing positive and innovative alternatives

We aim to inspire women to enjoy fashion with less harm on the planet and lower risk of compromising the future by providing alternative yet luxurious garments. ONE 100 is here to spread positivity, embrace the imagination and constantly provide innovative solutions for a conscious customer in the fashion industry.

The right time for the right things

The importance of sustainability issues is undeniable and though there were plenty of words said about it, not enough actions addressing it were taken so far. ONE 100 development was started in the year of 2020, which made it even clearer – we trust in future, so before we have a chance to move to Mars, we need to make sure that there will be one here, on Earth.


No effort is too small

We take sustainability really seriously, however, we believe that sustainable approach is no longer a superiority in the fashion industry, it’s the only way forward. It’s going to take a long time before we can call our products fully sustainable, yet now we are offering more sustainable fashion than most of the clothes in today’s market.

More sustainable materials.

By choosing a fabric made of food by-product – orange peels – we not only reuse those oranges, which otherwise would end up in a landfill, but we also create a garment, which is completely biodegradable therefore will disappear soon enough after being discarded unlike apparel made of synthetic materials. The same applies to all the natural sewing accessories like threads, buttons or labels as well as to the packaging we use – all of them are made of natural consequently biodegradable materials.

Towards slow fashion.

ONE 100 offers you classic, minimal designs in order to make them easy to style and to wear them for as long as possible. The products are of high quality therefore durable and lasting.

Taking care of the people.

We make sure that the people who developed and sewn ONE 100 products are paid more than a fair living wage and are working under appropriate conditions.

Dreaming gives us power

Imagine ONE 100 becoming a visionary brand, creating innovative solutions not only in clothing, but also in other fields of fashion and so leading the whole industry towards a more sustainable future. That’s what we are working on.

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